Neo Tiling

We are Neo Tiling, a London tiling company dedicated to answering your tiling needs. Starting with the standard floor and wall tiling and extending to a complete refurbishment and bathroom installation, our team will complete any task at hand that has tiling involved.

Each individual on our payroll is a fully trained professional, certified and up to speed with the industry’s latest innovations. That makes each of them an ideal choice when it comes to fixing and laying any type of tile, be it: natural stone, travertine, marble, granite, ceramic, Victorian or even mosaic.

There comes a time in every home owner’s life when they need to update the design and comfort of their property. One of the best ways of achieving that is through the use of tiles. Durable, easily cleaned and maintained, tiles have the ability to completely transform your space. However, tiling can prove to be a very difficult job even to the most enthusiastic DIY-er.

Neo Tiling’s experienced professionals can help with any job, ranging from fixing a few loose ones to retiling a whole bathroom. We can accurately perform every step of any tiling project, from measuring the space and advising on the number of necessary tiles through disposing of your old ones.