Tiles seem to be the most popular choice for wall and floor coverings in every home nowadays, this is no coincidence, lets face it unless you are planning on cultivating mold in your kitchen or bathroom then carpet is a big 'NO NO' & Carpet also seems to be very good at holding on to smells! Again, definitely not a quality that we look for when choosing a new kitchen or bathroom floor!

To start with, tiles come in thousands of variations so there is bound to be a type or style to best suit you. Tiles are also generally very easy to clean. Larger tiles more so. Most tiles seem to be water proof, this isn't strictly true but the porosity level of lets say 'porcelain' is so low that it appears to be completely water proof. Another important point to remember is that is you damage a tile, only 1 tile needs replacing! It is also well known that tiles are quieter, as wood carries sound from room to room.