Reading Tilers

Ceramic tiles are very easy to clean they come in a preglazed and unglazed finish providing effective waterproof surface area. Porceline tiles are very durable to foot traffic. The process manufacturing involves baking at extremely high temperatures to provide tougher and durable tile then Ceramic or Marble, they are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Porcelain tiles are one of the most used tiles in todays industry. The preparation of solid surface to tile is essential in the tiling process.

Tiling on concrete surface is fine but if the floor is uneven levelling compound is the best option to achieve flat surface. Selfleveling compound can be used onto underfloor heating, when you tiling mosaic or victorian tiles the surface have to be of the highest perfection as any imperfection are immediately noticeable. Reading Wall and Floor Tilers - Professional tilers in Reading also offers a complete bathroom installation service.