Tiler Alex Goddard

Hi I'm Alex Goddard; Thanks for visiting my website, I have been tiling for 30 years and have no tiling qualifications just 30 years experience. I was probably lucky when it comes to being taught my tiling trade, my whole tiling career I have worked with tilers and tradesmen that have a passion for what they do for a living, by that I mean they put the quality of their workmanship first and the money second but obviously the money is important as well.

I started working with my brother John Goddard, who in his own right is an absolute master tiler in my opinion. I started working in the commercial industry for about 9 years, over that period of time I slowly built up a name for myself in the domestic world of tiling working direct for to the customer. Up until that time all the work I did was in ceramic floor and wall tiling. With the changing trends of my industry I decided to push my services towards fixing natural stone floor and wall tiles.